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Donate to a good cause.

I have two friends (that I know of) walking in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer on April 29-30. museclio only needs $65 $240 to make her goal of $2,750 $3,000 (donation link here).

webqatch is also walking, but he has a slightly higher goal.

The walk is only three weeks away and my "contest" deadline is only FOUR DAYS away. Due to your generosity, I have managed to raise $9,270.00 -- more than twice the amount that I raised last year.

Now comes the hard part, though. In order to reach my goal of $10,000.00, I need to a bit more. No, this is definitely *not* a chain letter. No meteor will land on your car if you don't spread the word, and no plague of locusts will infest your basement if you don't tell them in the next fifteen minutes. Please find a few minutes anyway to tell a friend (or ten!) about the Avon Walk and about all of the good that comes from donating.

Mention the fact that every three minutes, another woman in the US is diagnosed with breast cancer. Tell them your story. Tell them why this disease means so much to you. Tell them how they can help.

Thank you again for your support!

Donation Goal: $10,000.00
Donations to-date: $9,270.00
Progress towards goal: 93%
Raffle tickets claimed/sold: 110/162
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What is the raffle about you ask? If he makes his goal of $10K he's going to have a raffle for everyone who donates $50 (extra tickets in increments of $50). Whoever wins the raffle gets to decide how long his hair should be.

Personally I'm rooting for someone who likes his hair the way it is, but then I don't get to see him enough for it to make a difference. If you have some extra money in the next couple of days, please support someone who is willing to put not only a couple of days of walking, but his hair on the line in the name of Breast Cancer Research.

Edit: Numbers updated as of 6 pm.
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