Orlaith Carey (orlacarey) wrote,
Orlaith Carey

Anyone remember when Country music consisted of Country music?

I got Johnny Cash's last CD recently.

The track list:
1) When the man comes around - orignial song
2) Hurt - Nine inch nails cover
3) Give my love to rose - looks like Johnny Cash song
4) Bridge Over Troubled Water - Cover of Simon and Garfunkel (?)
5) I hung my head - Sting
6) First time I ever saw your face - Johnny Mathis
7) Personal Jesus - cover of DEPECHE MODE????
8) In My Life - Beetles (I think)
9) Sam Hall - I think this is a Johnny Cash song but I'm not sure - damned Amazon.com has taken over CD Now so harder to find stuff
10) Danny Boy - Irish Standard
11) Desperado - I guess you could say that this was one of the Eagles country songs
12) I'm So Lonesome I could Cry - Hank Williams Sr
13) Tear Stained Letter - Johnny Cash
14) Streets of Laredo - American folk song
15) We'll Meet Again - American Standard

My overall impression is that the songs choices read like he knew this was his last album. The songs are pretty much depressing in subject matter. He still sounds good, and Hurt is a very powerful song (especially the video which was included in a DVD with the CD). But he does sound old. And he does bring a whole new feeling to Personal Jesus. I'm pretty sure his interpretation is nothing like what was orignially intended.
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