Orlaith Carey (orlacarey) wrote,
Orlaith Carey

All Recipes Tested!

Sunday LLT tested the "Langouste with White" sauce from the feast. She bought half a pound of small (60s) shrimp to test it. frederich got one piece (he said he didn't want more) so LLT and I finished off the rest. I have to say for someone who usually doesn't like shrimp, this was GOOD. I think my tastes are changing a bit. I used to not like shrimp, but now I find as long as it's de-veined and peeled, I don't have any problems with it.

She also tested the "Eggs with Bread" again. That one still needs work. On well, we still have about three months to work on that one.

BTW, thanks to the suggestion of the lovely bronxbaroness we're going to move the "Raspberry Pottage" again. It went from the 3rd course to the 2nd, and now we're switching it with the "Pistachio Cream" which would be overwhelmed by the other flavors in the first course.

Once LLT gets a good version of "Eggs with Bread" worked out we will try to work out planning the test feast where EVERYTHING gets tested in one night for one table's worth of people.
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