Orlaith Carey (orlacarey) wrote,
Orlaith Carey

Looking for event site

My friend is looking for an event space for it's Privateer Feast. This feast raises money to help support the walkers of Team Wench in their fundraising for the Walk for Breast Cancer.

I figure enough of my friends are involved in SCA eventing that maybe you'll have ideas for them.

from webqatch

ISO: Event site near DC
Team Wench is looking for a home for its sixth annual Privateer Feast. If you know anything about potential sites/venues in the greater DC area, please visit http://www.teamwench.org/PF07_Site_Reqs.shtml


p.s. Permission is hereby granted to forward this request far and wide.

fuzzface00 I know you guys didn't like the Hollywood Fire Department but I was thinking about that place. What do you think?
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