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Storvik Novice

Saturday morning was a flurry of organizing, packing the car and trying to remember what we had forgotten. About 10 a.m. LLT got in car o stuff and Roxie and I piled into the ladybug mobile to head to safeway for a bottle of thyme and 12 bags of ice. Then it was off to the site. On the beltway LLT rolled down her window and motioned us to get next to her so she could shout that she didn't have her cell phone and had forgotten the cheese in the freezer. So I called frederich who was luckily coming later and alerted him to the situation. He put that on his list to bring and we continued on. spikeywheel called to tell me she had dropped off the limes on site but had forgotten some stuff so was headed home but would be back.

We got to site and unloaded the car o stuff to fill all the coolers with the ice that we had stuck in Roxie's trunk. Since we were on a roll we unloaded the rest of the car. Then Cammie, Connie, Debbie and LLT set up the tent while I put together LLT's documentation and handed it to some people who wanted to see it. When it came time to move the tent (one of those carport things) Roxie and I helped. Then we set up a couple of tables and moved everything we had just put under the dining hall into the tent. We arranged stuff a little bit then hit the point where all there was to do was wait - oh and call frederich to bring the carrots.

LLT and I walked up to troll in. I'd been feeling sucky all morning to the point of having to sit down with a glass of water in the semi-dark for a bit to cool off before we left home. The very thought of food made me feel sick. As we passed the fighter field I grabbed a pickle spear and before we got to troll I'd eaten four. By the time we got back to the feast area I was feeling slightly better.

So we spread a tablecloth under a tree and sat with the gang to have lunch. The Royals had an attack of life so didn't make it to the event afterall which left us with the Royal lunch. We had quiche and roast beef plus some fruit that C, C & D had brought. We also had sweet tea that LLT had made that morning. People kept coming up to see if we needed any help so at some point LLT headed off to supervise the cleaning and slicing of mushrooms. She said she still didn't need me so I got to lounge under the tree. fuzzface00 stopped by and visited for a while. I forget what LLT needed when she called me over but from then on I was under the tent. Fortuantely having lunch had made me feel a lot better.

At about 4:20 we realized how late it was and went to start the grill. No dice. She'd borrowed a massive grill from her office (the kind that you pull with a trailer hitch) but for some reason it wouldn't light. We figured out it was not a lack of propane. The autocrat kept stopping by asking me how close we were to panic mode and my response was we were not yet at Defcon 3. At some point I went to ask the gang still sitting under the tree if they had a fire stick. By the time I got back with said implement, frederich had managed to start the fire with the help of one of flt's lampwork tourches. From then on things went fairly smoothly.

We ended up sending Dis home for a couple of small things (including an extra bag of shells) and the crew got to work pulling together dinner. We ended up having quite a group of helpers. Well before the fighting noises ended up at the battlefield we had everything set up to plate the first course including having plated all the pickles and set out the lime shells and egg whites.

The B&B came down a couple times to confer about timing. We were aiming for 6:30, then the Baron told us it would be 7:00. The Baroness came down to say it would be a little later. When I asked LLT about timing I ended up telling the Baroness "if court goes til 7:30 we're starting feast without you". Yeah right, we'd do that! Of course feast didn't start until 7:45 and we had to tell the B's that we couldn't start without them being seated. Somehow this had escaped their knowledge in the past. As usual I took charge of the servers and I think I only screwed things up a couple times where LLT felt the need to correct me.

museclio had shown up around 4:30-5:00 and was awesome help. I think in some ways while my job was to keep LLT from going insane museclio took it as her job to keep me grounded. All three courses went really well and I didn't hear any complaints about anything. Instead we heard raves. More importantly we barely got any leftovers back and some tables came back looking for more things. This was especially true of the Pistachio Cream of course. One description we got of that was something like Copulation of the mouth. The reasoning we were told was it involves nuts, cream and an egg and explodes in the mouth. Several people asked for the recipe and the Baron said we should auction it off.

Evil people in the back decided to add drambuie silk to it which just made it out of this world. I actually went to Roxie's table and told her I needed her just so she could taste it.

At the end of the feast they summoned the cooks and we got a standing ovation from some. Then they called LLT and me forward, opened the court and gave us each the Owl and the Apple, which is the Storvik Order for A&S.

We started out deciding that we weren't going to do any cleaning last night but then people started to help cleaning. I ended up sitting a lot of the cleaning out since I just couldn't walk at that point. Mostly what was done was scraping and stacking plates. At one point someone piled the bowls too high and so we lost two bowls when the tower collapsed. There was very little to pack up as far as food was concerned. In fact when I asked LLT about how much pork was left from the roast she made for the kitchen crew she said it was completely eaten.

I've heard a couple of people say it was the best SCA feast they have ever had. I think that LLT did a wonderful job plotting everything out. At the end she got up and thanked everyone who helped her since the feast would not have been pulled off without a lot of help.

The documentation is going to be put up on OTCreations sometime this week.
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