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Here are some things you can do with Taurus to ensure a successful date. Go to a restaurant for a sweet and chocolatey dessert, spend a romantic evening in a 5 star hotel, go for a walk in the park, go to the opera, go to a cafe for coffee, go hot-tubbing, go to a Shakespeare play in the park, have a wine and cheese picnic at the beach or park, spend a cozy evening in a cabin, go for a walk in a botanical garden, take a Japanese flower arranging class, get a joint massage or spa treatment
You & Your Taurus
Cook your Taurus their favorite meal -- complete with candlelight and romantic music. Take the time to make it special -- they will appreciate the good food, gorgeous setting and great company. Be ready to share quality time with your Taurus, cuddling will always be a favorite. Expect return support -- this Sign will always be there for you when you need them, with open arms and an open heart. Be supportive of their career choices and the day-to-day work that they do. Expect them to be generous -- they will strive to provide the two of you with the fruits of labor. Taurus loves the finer things in life, and they believe that a partner should share in them. Take every opportunity to give subtle but sincere compliments. Your Taurus will accept and appreciate the confidence boost. Be patient, loving and always encouraging as your Taurus builds up steam. They will eventually show you how completely fulfilling a relationship can be.
Never break a date or not be at home at the hour your Taurus is supposed to call. Don't be unpredictable -- this Sign will take your action to heart. Taurus is dependable, and expect a partner to be equally so. Try not to rush, pull or push a Taurus into making a decision -- you'll wear yourself out and irritate them in the process. Never be impatient -- Taurus will absolutely take their time. Avoid being stubborn -- once a Taurus' mind is made up, don't try to change it. This Sign is known for being utterly implacable once they form a opinion. Don't be wishy-washy -- If you aren't sure you want a serious relationship, don't start one with a Taurus. Try not to question your relationship -- relationships are very important to the Bull, and once they commit, they stay committed. Never overspend and jeopardize financial stability. Don't be too controlling of finances -- your Taurus may take total control of the checkbook to ensure that things stay within the budget.
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