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Where to find me at Pennsic Meme - Altered

I'm redoing this cause it changed!

Where are you camping and where else will you be findable?
Camping at Padraigh's Alehouse. Look for me at North Star Armory since Lady Tirzah should have the best idea of where to find me. Also planning on visiting House Quacheri (where D lives). Probably going to be spending at least part of Monday at the Known World A&S display where I HOPE to have two pieces on display. One will be incomplete and I'm gonna see if I can sit and work on it during the display. ;) Will be at Atlantian Court on Wednesday evening.

Trying to make the Carolingia party Saturday night to meet people.
Will be at the Wenches' party at least part of the time Sunday night.

When are you arriving?
Currently - Friday the 11th late at night going home directly from Atlantian Court on Wednesday.

What fun things are you planning to do?

9:00 am Bobbin Lace - a beginning instruction - Francesca la Curiosa (probably sitting in back making lace)
11:00 am Introduction to Needle Lace - Irene Lassin

9:00 am Beginning Tatting (part 1 of 2) - Camilla de la Reynarde
1:00 pm Bobbin Lace Basics - Katerine vander Brugghe (probably sitting in back making lace)
5:00 pm Medieval Textiles 101 - A shoppers guide - Jhone Woodcote

9:00 am Beginning Tatting (Part 2 of 2) - Camilla de la Reynarde
12:00 pm Beginning Reticella (16th Century Needle Lace) - Arrienne Ashford
4:00 pm To Dress a Fyne Table: A Look at Tablesetting in Period - Bronwyn MacFhionghuin

12:00 pm Elizabethan Plait-a-tudes - Katerine vander Brugghe
2:00 pm Intermediate Reticella (16th Century Needle Lace) - Arrienne Ashford

Shopping for:
Songs of Chivalry by Bryce de Byram
Effenwalt's New CD
Windwolf Studio Pennsic T-shirt
Yardage holderfrom the Lacemaker although I'd rather get it in a more interesting wood from the Spanish Peacock if I can get him to make it for me

And, if there's any chance I haven't connected LJ names and SCA names, what's your SCA name?

Lady Orlaith (Or-La) Carey
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