Orlaith Carey (orlacarey) wrote,
Orlaith Carey

Well I guess that answers that question

Guess I need to get busy finishing the gold lace


While I was sitting with my bobbin lace display at the Known World A&S
Display on Monday someone suggested I contact you about teaching a
beginner's bobbin lace class at East Kingdom University in November.

I'm trying to make a decision on this and wanted to know if the deadline
for registering classes has already passed. Also, could you tell me if
this class sounds like a good fit for you? It would be 2 hours and would
have to be limited to five people (others can audit but I can only afford
to put together 5 kits at a time). The kit fee would be $35. I know this
is expensive for a University class and am wondering at the likelyhood of
people being willing to take such a class. That is the standard kit fee
in Atlantia and represents the true cost of the beginner's kit.

I'm thinking about doing this, but would need to make a decision pretty
soon since I'd be coming up from the Washington DC area.

In Service,



Lady Orla,

you can certainly still register to teach this class. To me it sounds very
interesting, but i am a very beginner of bobbin lace myself, and would want
to take the class :)

I know that of the local populace, there will be many interested in such a
thing, and that is saying nothing of those who come from outside our

I think that while $35 is somewhat high, it is reasonable as supplies are
expensive, and if properly publicized, no one will be surprised to find they
have to pay.

I think you should definitely teach the class.



Greetings Orla
I think that it sounds wonderful. I don't think the fee is too high based on
what you are offering. Once I unpack from Pennsic... I will concentrate on
that EKU. Consider yourself on the program.

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