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Interview time

Yesterday I had an interview! Maybe things will look up and I will be able to blow this joint. The company is kinda interesting in that it is made up of two Native Alasken owned companies that joined together to run a contract for National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency .

Duties and qualifications, identifying both essential and marginal duties: Is responsible for assisting the Controller with accounting-related tasks. Will produce monthly billings and calculate revenue on GCS premier contracts. Requires a bachelor’s degree in Accounting or related field or equivalent experience and two to five years relevant experience. Works well in a team environment. Works independently with little instruction. Is computer proficient in Deltek, Excel and Word.

Physical Requirements: Ability to work a computer and with numbers/data.

Education, Skill, and Experience Requirements: Minimum of 2 years experience in related field. College degree, Accounting or Finance a plus. Knowledge and experience with spreadsheet software. Experience with Deltek software a plus. Good communication skills,

The job sounds like it is something that I could easily do and while it does include billing, that's not ALL it is. I don't mind billing but I hated doing only billing. I have the skills they are looking for and they like the fact that I've worked with Costpoint before.

The supervisor used to work at Titan with the Titan Chicks and actually left about a month before I moved over to billing. Note to self, call Candles and talk to her about supervisor. That at least should be a plus cause I think the Titan Chicks and IK would all give me good recommendations should she decide to call them.

I should hear something next week although I would not be surprised if that becomes the week after since this is a holiday week.
I think I'm in the salary range, and the only thing that I mentioned (to the HR guy not the Supervisor) was the week in August.
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