Orlaith Carey (orlacarey) wrote,
Orlaith Carey

Letter of Intent - Frederich and Tirzah

Good gentles, Tirzah MacCrudden and I, Frederich von Teufen, are two of your candidates for the position of Baron and Baroness of Storvik.

Tirzah has made many of the feasts you've eaten recently, both here in Storvik as well as frequently assisting Bright Hills, Ponte Alto, Dun Carraig and other Baronies with their feasts. She is Protégé to Baroness Johanna, former Baroness of Storvik.

I have pursued the fighting arts for more than a decade and a half, been Storvik Seneschal, and am an Armourers' Journeyman Apprentice to Master Peter of the Golden Isles.

We have both been members of the SCA for more than a decade and a half (more on what we've done in the SCA can be found at http://www.otcreations.com/?LadyTirzahResume and http://www.otcreations.com/?LordFrederichvonTeufen respectively.)
We feel that the Baron and Baroness are here to provide support to those in
the Barony who pursue the fighting arts, A&S or those who give service to Atlantia, as well as act as both the eyes and ears of the Crown, ensuring their Majesties are aware of the contributions of the members of the Barony.

We hope to be able to support you in your pursuit of the Dream and do our best to make that Dream a reality.

Yours in Service,
Frederich Von Teufen
Tirzah MacCrudden
Tags: b&b, storvik

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