Orlaith Carey (orlacarey) wrote,
Orlaith Carey

Rorik and Janina letter

Our Statement of Intent

We, Rorik Fredericsson and Janina Krakowska, have announced our intention
to place our names before you for consideration as your Baron and
Baroness. As background, we have been members of the Barony of Storvik
since its inception (gotta love those stable government jobs), and members
of the SCA over 25 years. During that time, Rorik has served as Vicar
during a time when our Baron and Baroness (Kay and Elaina) had to suddenly
leave the area. Currently, Janina is serving as the Minister of Arts and
Sciences. During our residence in this fine barony, we have served in a
number of other positions. Rorik is also a Baron of Their Majesties Court,
and Janina is a Companion of the Order of the Pearl. In contrast to the
last selection process, our family situation has changed. Rorik will be
retiring from his mundane job by the end of the year. He may be working
part-time afterwards, but will be able to provide the 'heavy-lifting' of
preparing for events while Janina continues to work.

Enough of the dry, boring resume stuff. What will we do if we are selected
as your Baron and Baroness? Our firm belief is that we are all
participating in this organization to have fun! Fun comes in many forms;
for some, swinging rattan is a lot of fun. For others, learning how to do
new things and gaining a deeper understanding of medieval culture is a
blast. Yet others deeply enjoy sitting around the fire, telling stories
and singing songs. Making and displaying some new item brings happiness to
the heart, as well as the thrill of the hunt as just the right item to
complete an outfit is discovered. And the wonderful thing is that there
is room for everyone! And all of this in an environment of chivalry,
honor and mutual support and understanding. It is clear that we also enjoy
the sillier side of life, as anyone who has seen Rorik with his constant
companion, Frederic Greygoose will attest. So, we intend that everyone
should have fun.

We will also encourage those people who have been perhaps somewhat timid
and in the background to step forward and fully participate in the
activities of the Barony. We have many dedicated people serving as
Marshals, Ministers of the List, and Baronial officers. Lest we have
serious burnout of the incumbents, we would urge those who haven't
considered it to think about becoming an MOL, or a herald, or any of the
multitude of jobs that lead to a smoothly running Barony. While this may
seem like (gasp!) work, it gives you the opportunity to get to know other
members of the Barony and to forge new relationships.

And speaking of new relationships, we want to see our Barony grow! We
have had a very gratifying number of new members of late, and we really
want to see that continue. New members can also bring new ideas. Our
current populace is also a source of innovation which we want to
encourage. Storvik has many great traditions that need to be cherished and
new ones are waiting in the wings to be formed.

We hope you will carefully and thoughtfully consider us as your new Baron
and Baroness.

In Service to Storvik and Atlantia;

Rorik and Janina

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