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3rd B&B Candidate Letter - Well B anyway

Last one - somehow I missed it, but it was posted 10/20 - note if you click on the B&B tag you get all three letters as well as the announcement post which links to the OP for each of them.

Greetings to the list, I am Karl Haraldsson and have tendered my intent to
become the Baron of Storvik.

I feel like I need a slogan, More Mead! More Beer! More Sekanjabin!, Oh, no,
that is a different group. To me the responsibility of the Baronage is to help
their populas enjoy this thing we do and to help them grow in the SCA. This is
what I would hope to accomplish if chosen. Learning is the key to the SCA, and
it's charter, be it fighting, the fiber arts or Calligraphy and Illumination,
the list is a long one. Storvik has some of these occuring but it never hurts to
have more and I would see that that was the case. I would also like to see the
growth of new members continue and to see if we can get more of our longer
members more involved again.

I have been in the SCA for 25 years and I have taught many the art of armoured
(Kings preference over heavys) fighting and making armour, the art of
calligraphy, and the art of brewing. I have held many offices during my time in
the SCA: Seneschal, Herald, MoL, Clerk Signet, and above all Marshal. Currently
I hold warrants in the disciplines of Armoured Combat, Combat Archery and Target
Archery. I am also working on Rapier and MoL. These warrants allow me to help
the people of the SCA learn and enjoy these past times.

Here is a link for those interested:

Thank you for your time. See you at fight practice, brew day, scribal or an

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