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Woodlawn Entry Flyer - Needlework

Last year I promised to post this information on the Woodlawn Needlwork Exhibition when I got it. Of course I'm not going to manage to enter again this year. Someday I'll make it. Maybe in a year or two with Chicken's Graduation gift...

44th Annual Needlework Exhibition

A Benefit for Woodlawn
March 1-31, 2007

The exhibition is sponsored by Nell’s Needlers, a volunteer auxiliary which works year-round to raise funds for this historic site.

The nations’ premiere exhibition of contemporary needlework is held annually at Woodlawn, a National Historic Landmark located in Alexandria, Virginia.

Woodlawn’s mission is to engage and challenge visitors about the divers history of the American family, offering experiences which provide relevance to contemporary society.

Woodlawn is a completely self-supporting non-profit historic site, which receives no operation funds from any local, regional or national organization, nor governmental agency.

The 44th Annual Needlework Exhibition provides the following special awards:

Eleanor Custis Lewis Award – Best in Show
Frand Lloyd Wright Award – Outstanding Original Design
Pope-Leighey Award – Outstanding Minature Entry (32 count +)
Director’s Award – Special Merit
Judge’s Choice (3) – Individual Choices of the three Jurors
People’s Choice Award – By Popular Vote
Emma Matheson Award – Outstanding Junior Entry
Cathleen R. Durkin Award – Outstanding Entry from Children’s Workshop
Adelaide Bolte Award – Outstanding Senior Entry (over 70 years at time of stitching)

Exhibtion Activites:

Location: At the intersection of US Route 1 & VA Route 235 South, in Mount Vernon, VA, three miles from Mount Vernon estate, and 10 miles south of Alexandria, VA

Exhibition Hours: Woodlawn is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily including weekends. For adequate time to view all entries, visitors are encouraged to arrive before 3:30 p.m. Limited historic tours of the Mansion are offered at 11:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. daily.

Daily Admission Fees: Adults: $9.00; Students through 12th grade: $4.50. Children age 5 and under are free. Exhibitors receive one complimentary pass. Friends of Woodlawn & Pope-Leighey House are admitted free.

Dining in the Underwood Room: Lunch and desserts are served from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The freshly prepared menu is created and served by members of “Nelly’s Needlers” and other volunteers. Luncheon bills and all gratutities support the site. The Underwood Room accommodates up to 44 diners; individuals and small parties will be seated as space becomes available. To make group reservations of 15 or more, call (703)323-1781. Advance reservations are required for large parties.

The Museum Shop: Preserve Woodlawn by purchasing unique finished needlework, samplers and kits, and a wide selection of books and gifts in the Museum Shop. Friends of Woodlawn & Pope-Leighey House and members of the National Trust for Historic Preservation receive a 10% discount.

Demonstrations: Various needlework techniques will be highlighted by local teachers, shop owners and needle artists throughout the month.

Preservation in Progress: Visitors to Woodlawn will see efforsts to maintain and preserve this National Historic Landmark. An official project of the Save America’s Treasures program, Woodlwan’s exterior is now being stabilized for future generations. Every donation made now will be matched by other supporters.

Elibigility: All entries must be the work of a living person, stitched with a hand held, threaded needle and be appropriately finished. Articles entered in previous Woodlawn exhibitions, as well as crocheted, knitted, macraméd, woven and hooked items are not eligible. Woodlawn reserves the right to display items in the manner it deems most appropriate and to refuse items deemed inappropriate for display.

Important: Entries requiring hanging must be wired – NO sawtooth hanging devices will be accepted! Quilted items measuring over 24” X 24” will not be accepted!

Classifications for Competition

All entries will be classified by Division, Category and Technique. Items not fitting the following descriptions will not be accepted:

Adult – 18 years of age or older

Junior – Age 17 or younger at the time the work was completed. Entries will be judged as follows; ages 9 & younger, 10 to 13, & 14 to 17. Work must have been completed within the last year.


Original – An original is a unique, one-of-a-kind design and composition, which is entirely the product of the stitcher’s own mind and hands, bearing no recognizable influence nor elements from other needlework sources.

Adaptation – A design whose source is from a medium other than needlework, e.g. china pattern, architectural design, painting, photograph etc. It can be adapted as a visual replication of the original or have easily recognizable elements from the original design. A photograph, photocopy or description of the source must accompany the piece. A single page, typewritten artistic statement is encourage for all original and adapted entries.

Commercial – Those works that are completed using any element of a designer’s pattern for needlework are considered commercial. Includes: Charted or painted canvas, printed graphs, class projects, and minor alterations thereof. Computer assisted designs may be considered as adaptations or commercial, depending on source. Please be prepared to explain the process. Variations of commercial designs will always be judged as commercial entries.

Canvaswork – Traditional (tent stitch) or Multi-stitch
Counted Thread: Counted Thread, Blackwork, Hardanger, Drawn Thread
Cross Stitch: Worked over even weave fabric
Embroidery: Japanese (silk), Crewel (wool), Metallic, Surface or Cut work
Fine Hand Sewing
Miniature: 32 count & over, stitched over one thread
Needle-Made Lace: Battenberg, Filet Guipure, etc.
Quilted Accessories: Wall hangings, pillows and clothing only, 24” X 24” max. No bed or crib coverings please
Sampler: Traditional & Multi-stitch (5+ different stitches)


A panel of three certified needlework judges will award ribbons. Major award winners will be announced to the public on Thursday, March 1st at 10 a.m. First, Second and Third Place ribbons may be awarded to the winners in each technique, category and division. Honorable Mentions and Technical Excellence Awards may also be given deserving awards.

Entrants should carefully fill out entry forms to make sure the piece is properly classified. Woodlawn and its judges reserve the right to reclassify entries. Items will be judged against similarly finished pieces, i.e. framed work, home accessory, personal accessory etc. If you have questions about your entry, there will be help at take-in. All entries must remain at Woodlawn for the duration of the exhibition.


The adult entry fee is $20, additional items are $10 per entry; junior exhibitors fee is $5 per item. Each entrant receives free admission for one day of the show. (Value: $9.00 for adults, $4.50 for children). Sets containing several items will be charged per item. All fees support educational activities at Woodlawn.

Entries by Mail:
Articles must arrive no earlier than January 10th and no later than February 12th. They must be sent in sturdy, reliable containers which can be mailed and insured by your choice of carrier. Mail-in entries are to be accompanied by a completed entry form & fees, and return mailing & insurance fees.

U.S. Postal Service Mailing Address
P.O. Box 37
Mount Vernon, VA 22121

Address for other Carriers:
9000 Richmond Hwy
Alexandria, VA 22309

Hand-Delivered Entries
Exhibitors who plan to deliver entries by hand are urged to pre-register by sending a completed form and fees to Woodlawn by Wednesday, February 7th. Walk-in entries will be accepted at Woodlawn on February 10th and 11th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Needlework shops may make special arrangements for delivery. Shop entries must be received by February 13th at 4 p.m. No entries will be accepted after this time.

Return of Entries:
All mail-in entries will be returned by April 15th. Walk-in entries can be claimed at Woodlawn on Monday, April 2nd or on Tuesday April 3 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Needlework Shops may make special arrangements for pick up of entries

Terms and Conditions
1) The depositor warrants that he or she holds full and clear title to the object(s) identified on the face of the Entry Form or is the agent of the owner authorized to deposit the object(s) with the National Trust, hereafter referred to as Woodlawn.
2) Insurance coverage is the responsibility of the owner/depositor.
3) All objects may be examined, measured, photographed or otherwise reproduced for educationa/promotional purposes
4) The object(s) will be returned only to the depositior unless Woodlawn is notified in writing to the contrary.
5) If the depositor or woner fails to tke possession of the object(s) upon request, or if no special arrangements have been made for the return of the object(s) and Woodlawn’s efforts to contact the depositor are unsuccessful, then Woodlawn shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to either use the object(s) or place them in storage at depositor’s sole risk and expense, to charge regular storage fees of $5 per day, and to have and enforce a lien for such fees. The object(s) will be held by Woodlawn for a period of 30 days. If, after 30 days, the object(s) have not been reclaimed, then, and in consideration of the expense of storage and safe guarding the object(s) during such period, the object(s) shall be deemed an unrestricted gift.

Entry Form:

44th Annual National Needlework Exhibition
March 1-31, 2007
(Please reproduce this form for additional entries)

Exhibited By
Phone (home)
Email Address

Junior – age at time of completion
Senior (70 years + at time of completion)



Description (framed piece, pillow, etc)

Thread Count:
Pattern Source:

In submission of this entry, I hereby agree to abide by the stated rules of the Exhibition, and terms and conditions listed on the enclosures


Entry Fee:
($20 per adult entry, $10 per add’l items; $5 per junior entry)

Return Postage
(Mail-in only)

(Mail-in only)


Make Checks payable to WOODLAWN

Mail check with entry form to:

P.O. Box 37
Mount Vernon, Virginia 22121
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