Orlaith Carey (orlacarey) wrote,
Orlaith Carey

Sometimes I'm sooooo stoopid

Tirzah and I went to North Carolina for Coronation. We had a plan, did the prep work last weekend and both managed to get off work early so we managed to get out of Sterling by about 7:00. We were about 2 hours south before I realized that I had forgotten the digital camera in my truck! Doh!

The directions I got from Yahoo maps were kinda convoluted but we made pretty good time. We ended up getting to the hotel at about 3 am. Roxy and her friend were already there and in bed so we tried to be quiet as we got in. In the morning we were up by 8:30, well in time to get to the complementry breakfast. We finished unloading the car and setting up by the time the others left for the site, and after the sugar heated up we started to work. We actually had to cut down the blade because it was too long for the board when we added the hilt. We finished the sword about one and headed for the site. After a quick stop for lunch at a Subway, we managed to find a disposable camera and made it to the site before 2.
We dropped off the sword in the kitchen, putting it on the highest shelf in the pantry, and wandered off to check out the event.

We hit the merchants and didn't see anyone really unusual. The Spanish Peacock had some stuff we would love to get but it all needs to be ordered when we have more money and more specific ideas of what we want. We then went to check out the fighting but didn't recoginze anyone except royal retainers. T & I looked at each other and said "Kitchen". So back to the kitchen we went to play with food for the rest of the day. We had great fun helping with the garnishes for the rest of the day.

Right before feast I went and found Roxy and we all decided to ditch the event after the sword presentation and find a resturant. At the beginning of feast we got Baron Alejandro to do Oy yeas for us then Roxy took center stage to make her presentation. I carried a wooden board to put the sword on after it had been presented and Tirzah carried the sword in pointed upward. It was very spectacular sight. I really wish there had been some way of getting pictures of it. Unfortuantley Duke Ragnar was talking to His Magesty and he wasn't exactly paying attention. His Grace was made aware of the presentation just about the time Roxy was winding up her speach. the last part was something along the lines of "Your Majesty we have heard of your prowess on the field and it is said that you can bite through steel. Would you care to demonstrate?"

His Majesty took up the challenge and bit right through the blade which of course destroyed the blade. (I kinda wish he had hit the end which would have preserved more of the sword). The top of the blade and the hilt remained intact and was put on the board for display. The three of us went back into the kitchen and left soon after that.

We had dinner at Lonestar and the other two had fun watching all the "cute" Marines. They also had a good time giving me a hard time over the fact that I really wasn't looking at the guys and didn't see the point. We headed back to the hotel, hit the bed and got up about 8:30 get down to breakfast by 9. At that point we found out about daylight savings time cause the breakfast had closed 1/2 an hour earlier.

We got out of the hotel by 11ish and got home by 6. All in all it was a pretty good weekend but now I have to use up 23 pictures before I can get to the pictures of the sword.
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