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I had the weirdest dream

Yesterday morning I had the weirdest dream (yes I know it's 2:47 am but I can't sleep so I thought ).

Maybe it is because both my brother and Tirzah are looking for a house at the same time, but I dreamed about about Chris and me moving in together into the old house in Bridgeville, DE. It is a normal 2 story victorian house with (I wanna say) a basement and an attic. Keep in mind that I haven't been inside this house since I moved out of it when I was just finished Kindergarden.

For those of you who like to ask, yes I am sure this dream was in color. I vividly remember it.

I remember walking up the steps to the porch and a couple of my friends were there counting money. I don't remember who it was but for some reason I remember them counting a big rodeo style belt buckle as 3 dollars.

I walked into the house and noticed that the main section of the house seemed to be a large stage-like area that was open all the way to the roof. This area seemed to be the same size as I remember the entire footprint of the original house being. It had a couple of throne like chairs on it and that was about it. I walked through that section to the stairs and started climbing. These were very narrow wooden stairs with windows on the outside wall. When I got to the 2nd story I started walking around it. The entire floor was open in the center so you could look down on the first floor area. It was also lined with alcoves on two sides of the house (the long sides) and glass fronted rooms with curtins over the glass on the other two sides. In each of the alcoves on one side of the building, which were seperated by wooden 1/2 walls with the upper part of the wall being created by the types of posts you see on fancy staircases, were single beds with old fashioned wooden headboards. There were 2 to each alcove. When I got to the end of the first row I looked into one of the glassed in rooms and there were more private bedrooms, with one bed in each room. There was a note on the door that said something like "For those who don't want to live a more period life".

I walked down the that row of the balcony area, and at the corner I went into a hallway that led to a kitchen. It was a full commerical kitchen and in the pantry area was a door that led to a hallway that seemed to go all the way around the house and was lined the whole way with a glass front refigerator. I want to say there was something else in that hallway but I don't remember what. At some point T had joined me on the tour and we agreed that we wanted that kitchen. When we saw the refrigerator we started making plans for a trip to resturant depot.

I left the kitchen and walked along the other long side of the balcony. Here I saw that the alcoves were lined with chairs, as if an audience would be sitting there. I got to the stairs and found the 3rd (???) floor was more of the same, complete with kitchen. At that point I realized that there was a full commercial kitchen on each floor!

There seemed to be a time shift and then I was sitting in one of the chairs and there were audience members all around me. We were all dressed in Elizabethan garb. The King and Queen (I didn't recognize which ones) were sitting on the thrones and announcing to the crowd that the theater was closing due to financial matters. I don't really understand this (like I do a normal victorian house with more room inside it than a Tardis???) because I remembered thinking "but we're only going to be paying $300 a month in rent!"

About this time something woke me up, I don't remember what, and I tried to get back to sleep to the same dream. I went on to dream of other things, but I don't remember those dreams. For some reason this one sticks with me though...
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