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It's just that kind of day

This morning I woke up and it took me forever to motivate my body to get out of bed. This seems to be happening more and more often these days. It's not that I don't like my job. I actually look forward to it (as much as you can a 9-5 desk job). Anyway, by the time I got out of the house I was of course running late. Then before I hit the toll road I realized that I left my building pass at home. Oh well, I was running too late to turn around so am just going to have to deal without it today. Of course that means that I had to park outdoors, which means that it had to start raining right when I parked, before I got into the building.

I realized this morning that my computer thinks that I'm on the West Coast so I had to get tech support to fix that since all the invitations I make through Outlook calendar show up as being several hours off. Tech Support came and fixed it, which means, you guessed it, everything that I'd already put into my calendar is off by like 5 hours. Since I use that calendar on a daily basis I have to go fix it all.

I was at work until 8 last night and then did an hour of work last night at home so that I could finish my monthly report book this morning so that J could look at it before he leaves on his business trip. Then I realize that some of the reports are massivly wrong, which is okay since J informed me he doesn't have time to look at it today.

I went in to try and figure out what the problem was with those reports to find that Excel was screwing up, and making certain lines of the spreadsheet something like 409 pixels high. This happened on every one of a specific batch of spreadsheets that I needed to check. So then I sent an email to tech support, only to have someone in my office remind me to try rebooting, which of course fixed the problem.

I'm seriously waiting to see what nasty surprise life has in store for me next.

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