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[SCA]Kingdom Differences

I asked the Merry Rose today about which kingdom we're doing the Pennsic basket for. This is the response:

> Greetings to the Tavern;
> I am in charge of the Pennsic Gift Baskets this year. The Pennsic
> Gift Baskets are indeed being done differently this year with each
> Kingdom exchanging gifts with only one Kingdom this Pennsic.
> Atlantia has the Kingdom of An Tir this year. An Tir does their
> Crowns and Coronations differently from Atlantia, in that we do not
> know yet who will be King and Queen at Pennsic for An Tir. I was
> waiting to find out who the King and Queen of An Tir would be, but
> since someone has asked about the Pennsic Gift Baskets this seems
> like a good time to make a call to the populace.
> I am hoping that the talented and generous people of Atlantia would
> be willing to donate items for the Pennsic Gift baskets that are
> more personal of nature to the TRM of An Tir. Lord Egil has
> generously offered to make a wooden chest to place all the items
> donated from Atlantia's artisans.
> Please look for more details as soon as we know who the Crowns of An
> Tir will be at Pennsic this year.
> Please contact me privately with any questions concerning about the
> Pennsic Gift Baskets Project.
> In service to Crown and Kingdom
Countess Denise

Being May and not knowing who is going to be Royal at Pennsic seems a little odd so I decided to look up the An Tir website. Coronation will be in July. It LOOKS like Crown will be May 18-19. Okay, that makes more sense (in that Kingdoms are different what do you mean two months as Prince/Princess way). For a while there I couldn't tell when Crown was going to be. So if they want personalized stuff for the Royals then I suggest people keep an eye out for the Crown Results.

Personally I think the idea of a wooden chest is cool - as long as included with the wooden chest is some sort of offer to make sure that the Chest gets shipped to An Tir so that the Royals don't have to worry about it.
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