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One of our people is leaving next week plus my team leader had a birthday on Saturday. So we decided to go to Maggiano’s today for a joint happy birthday/goodbye lunch. Since I am the “social coordinator” for the accounting office I was in charge of getting things together. I called last week to make a reservation for 25 since I was sending the invite to the entire HQ staff. Then yesterday when they called to confirm the reservation I dropped it down to 18 to match the responses received. In the end we had 17 people so I think that was a pretty good system.

Since we were such a large party we had to go with “family style”, which, while expensive is really good. It is “all you can eat” and includes 2 salads, 2 pastas, 2 entrees and 2 desserts. We always opt for the additional 2 appetizers clause for an extra $3 a person. Over time we’ve pretty much come up
Fried Zucchini
Caesar salad
Maggiano’s salad
Rigatoni D (mushrooms, chicken, marsela sauce and rigatoni)
Four cheese ravioli
Chicken parmesan
another entrée which today worked out to be roast chicken

We could actually do without the salads and entrées and they have a cheaper option for lunch without the entrée but then they won’t let us add on the appetizers.

Needless to say, after all those carbs there is little anyone wants to do in the afternoon after the lunch which turns out to be 2 hours long and somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 a head after tax and tip.

Today I had a meeting scheduled for 1 pm so I ended up leaving before the desserts were served but they brought me back some tirmasu. This is a good thing since I was majorly annoyed. The guy I was meeting was late and I ended up starting the meeting just as everyone else got back! Then the meeting ended up being less than 20 minutes long. Oh well, I only have one meeting left for tomorrow and that is a phone meeting.

Now I just have to do all the work generated in all the meetings I’ve been having this week. Somehow I don’t have any concentration left though….wonder why.
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