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I bet Coke never thought of this

This IIS Security Bulletin from GSS appeared in my office kitchen a few days ago:

Between May 17 and July 12, Coca-Cola is conducting an advertising campaign called “You can win, but you can’t hide.” In this campaign, approximately 120 Coca-Cola cans with GPS locaters inside are hidden in specially marked 12, 18, 20 or 24 packs. While the ads state the locators might be hidden in Coke Clasic, Caffeine Free Coke, Cherry Coke or Vanilla Coke, a phone call from Security to Coke Customer Service found that the locators will be found only in packs of Coke Classic.

The high-tech Coke “Unexpected Summer” can is equipped with a SIM card, keypad and GPS chip transponder, so the can functions as a cell phone and GPS locator. On the outside of each can is a button, a microphone and a tiny speaker. Pressing the larger red button starts the game in process, activating the GPS signal and a cell phone used by the customer to call a special hot line.

Obviously there could be Operational Security (OPSEC) issues involved in activating these devices, depending on your location. Coca-Cola packages should be opened and inspected before taken into a secure area. If a can is found inside a secure area, do not activate it. Advise your local security office and take the can outside of the secure area immediately. Consider OPSEC issues before activating the transponder.

Refer questions concerning this Security Bulletin to your local security office.
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