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I had a hard time finding them at first since they were not the headliner - everyone else was there to see Tim McGraw. We got there early enough to get a terrific parking spot and were amazed at how elaborate all the tailgating parties were. We had been baking all weekend finalizing the recipes we wanted to use for our next wedding cake. We had an extra tray of Chocolate cake so we found a group who looked like they were having fun and gave them the extra cake.

We went inside and pulled out our books to have a good time reading while waiting for the concert to start. The Warren Brothers were first. I had only heard one of their songs once, and T had never heard of them. The music was too loud for us to actually hear them well for some reason. I think at that point the sound mixers were really trying to make sure the tailgaters at the far end of the parking lot could hear everything. I went off to find us some food and ended up spending $12 on one cheeseburger and a bucket of fries.

Then it was time for the main act (as far as we were concerned). Big and Rich were great and we had perfect seats. I wish we could have gotten closer but there is no way we could ever have afforded the first section. Oh well, someday after I win powerball (yeah right). The song selection was pretty good although they didn't play the whole album (which we would have prefered) and they chose to play "Why does everybody want to kick my ass" instead of other songs we would have preferred. By the time they were wrapping up there were more fans in the stands and T & I had shouted ourselves silly. We were singing and dancing with every song. It looked like Cowboy Troy hadn't come with them which was a disappointment because he is the one that does rap throughout their songs. Then the last song they did was "Rollin (The Ballad of Big and Rich)" which I hadn't thought they would do without Cowboy Troy since it has the biggest rap section in it. Next thing I know here he comes out on the stage which starts us screaming again. It was great! I wish they would have stayed on longer.

When they were done I went to go get us a lemonade to share since we were both needing something to drink. Then it was time for the big show. At that point the people in the seats next to me showed up (did I mention we were only 2 seats off the aisle???). They were reaking of alcohol so badly that T could smell it and I was the one sitting next to them. I also noticed that they went through 2 beers each in the time they were actually next to us. God nows how much they had to drink by the time they left the stadium! As we were leaving we were kinda wishing the police were setting up sobriety checkpoints.

Anyway Tim McGraw came out on the stage and the entire place stood up and screamed. That is except us. We kinda were like "what's all the fuss" and laughing at ourselves cause that was the reaction that we had when B&R was onstage and we were now taking the attitude of the little girl who was sitting in front of us when she was clearly wondering what we were so excited about.

After about 4 songs, none of which we knew, we decided that since T had to get up early to go to work the next day and we were not into Tim we should leave. Plus that meant that we didn't have to sit in traffic or deal with drunk drivers on the way home. I think the real problem is that we were not familiar enough with his current cd for the concert to have any meaning for us, and the songs we did know were old enough that he wasn't playing them.

The moral of the story is of course, that if you are going to a concert, even if you are there to see one group you should try to get the latest CD of everyone else who is performing so you won't be bored with their section of the show.

Oh - and go out and buy the Big and Rich cd! I have it and it's worth every penny!!
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