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Sound irriatations…

Have I ever told you guys that I’m very sensitive to sounds and easily irritated by them? It’s weird because to a certain extent I’m losing my hearing so a lot of times I can’t hear distinct words if they are spoken in certain tones or volumes. Yet there are sounds that really rub me the wrong way.

For example the sound of whistling ON Key is often to sharp for me. I often want to ask people to stop whistling. Of course I know why that is. My Dad has spent my entire life whistling softly and off key so that's what my ears are used to.

The sound of metal hitting metal is often a problem which is why I don't mix things using a metal impelment and metal bowl. Sometimes this is okay but most of the time it hurts my ears. Yes I know this makes no sense when I'm about to move in with a metal artisian but the shop is not attached to the house and I can deal with it for brief periods and when I can't there is always ways of ear protection.

Unfortunately the worst offender seems to be the office environment. That's where the only defense seems to be turning up the volume on my headphones which I really try not to do because I am worried about my hearing. It's also where such sounds are most common and most irritating.

It doesn’t help that my desk is facing away from the door, which I HATE. I don’t like people standing behind me, even if it is to talk to my office mate. I don’t like them standing in the doorway preventing me from exiting and entering my cube either but that’s another rant.

It just rubs me the wrong way to have sounds happen behind me.

Irritation #1) I really don’t need to hear your bodily noises. The specific complaint today is yawning. While I understand being tired and sleepy (and I often am bad about this too) WAKE UP!! If you must yawn please do not try to continue your conversation through it. Wait until you have finished your yawn and THEN continue your sentence. It is really annoying to listen to someone yawn 5 times in a row and never pause in their conversation.

Irritant #2) Inside voices please. There are some people in this office who cannot seem to regulate their volume. I don’t need to hear things being said to other people, especially people 3 cubes away. I don’t need to listen to conversations that are far enough away that I only hear every 4th word and the occasional outbreak of laughter, which is not so occasional as regular.

Irritant #3) This hasn’t happened yet today but it falls into the same general category and is one of my big hot buttons so I’m including it here. I CAN’T STAND listening to people eat. It is one thing if we’re sitting down to eat together, but if I’m not eating I don’t want to hear you doing it. I really hate this if I’m the phone. The last thing I need is to hear the sound of chewing being amplified directly into my ear. Most people seem to chew with their mouths open if they are eating something crunchy which means it’s even more irritation. Not only do I get to listen to whatever you are eating crunching then I also get to hear the sounds of your mouth opening and closing with each bite.

Most of the time I don’t say anything but today I’m just in the mood to be cranky. Now of course I can’t go to my boss’s boss and tell her to be more quiet but sometimes I wish I could.
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