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[SCA] Last chance to make edits on the cooking track info

If you are teaching please review this and make sure I have all the correct info for your class. ladyhelwynn I'm missing info for yours.

I will be submitting this on Wednesday (at the latest) so I need answers asap.

Edited: Since the only information I'm waiting on is an email from Khadir All information has been updated. I went ahead and sent in what I currently have.

name (SCA and modern): Hrosvitha von Celle
Fees (if any): TBA
max number of students (if any): 10
duration of class: 1 hr
synopsis of class: So you need a pie crust do you? What kind? Flaky? buttery? Made with
Lard? Or is it a coffin? What is a coffin? Come and get all your crusty questions answered. Will make up a batch of "standard" pie crust as a demonstration.
any special equipment or requirements for the class: Access to water for clean up would be nice!

Instructor: Lady Helwynn Ivelchild
Class Title: That
Little Yellow Seed
Fees: $1.00
Maximum Number of Students: 15
Duration of
Class: 1 hour
Synopsis: It's not just for hot dogs anymore! The use of
mustard as a sauce was widely used during the Middle Ages and is still a
popular condiment today. This class will discuss the uses of mustard
during the Middle Ages as well as recipes and tasting.
Instructor name (SCA and modern): Tirzah MacCrudden
Class title: Knife Skills 101
Fees: $2
duration of class: 1 Hr
synopsis of class: Discussion of different styles of knives used in cooking and their purpose. Hands on practice with cutting various types of vegetables. Bring your favorite knife. There will be a very limited number of knives available for loan during the class. Fee covers handout and vegetables.
any special equipment or requirements for the class: If possible having the class in either a home ec room or science lab so that sturdy tables are available.

Instructor name (SCA and modern): Gracia Esperanca de Sevilla
Class title: Cooking from Period Sources : From Redaction to Recipe:
duration of class: 1 Hr
synopsis of class: This class is designed to look at period recipes and de-mystify the process of converting a period recipe into something we can cook at home.
any special equipment or requirements for the class:
Instructor name (SCA and modern): Khadir bar Yosef Ha-Kuzari
Class title: Scaling a feast from home to the feast hall
Fees: none
duration of class: 1 Hr
Class size limit: no limit
synopsis of class: This class will look at the process, art or black art
of taking a recipe from your dining room table to serving a hall full of
people. We will be looking at the things that one needs to consider for
the best mix of foods to optimize your ingredients and how to keep track
of what you are doing. This class is best suited to cooks preparing for
a large group or those who just want to check things out from what they
have done in the past. While some cooking experience is desirable, it
is not totally necessary.
any special equipment or requirements for the class: none
Moved to Page's Academy track
Instructor name (SCA and modern): Naomi Macailpein
Class title: Cooking for Children
Fees: $2.00 fee
duration of class: 2 Hrs
Class limit: a total of 8 students
synopsis of class: This is a cooking class that teaches children how to read and interperate period recipes, they will learn how to cook two different recipes in a hands on manner and take the finished product home with them.
any special equipment or requirements for the class: preferably before lunch as I try to have them make their lunch. The only thing I require is a table and some electrical outlets.

Also for cathgrace: this is the book I was talking about at fighter practice (as seen on elizabethangarb: 'Lost from Her Majesties back': Items of clothing and jewels lost or given away by Queen Elizabeth I between 1561 and 1585, entered in one of the day books ... of robes (Costume Society extra series)
by Janet Arnold
Tags: books, university

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