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The cough is definitely stress related.

Yesterday D gave me two MP3 files designed to put me into a trance state. He said I should pick the one I liked and play it at least once a day, more often if possible. So I put them both on my phone’s storage card and last night I played both of them just to hear what they sounded like. This morning when I woke up I played one of them again. Of course that did nothing to help me getting out of bed but I felt relaxed as I was getting ready for work and throughout the morning commute all the way up until I the Rt. 66 parking lot. I also noticed that I did not cough once from the point of playing the files last night until this morning when I was almost all the way to work and stressing over the traffic.

Today it seems like the more pressure I’m under the more I cough. I’d like to be able to take a lunch and test the theory by playing one of the files to see if I stop coughing for a while but it looks like I’m skipping lunch and working late again.

Oh well, at least tomorrow I have doc’s appointment about cough and I start my Yoga class tomorrow night!
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