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So earlier this week I got this email. They’re getting ready to do end of year reviews in January and I have to turn in this questionnaire to S. by COB tomorrow. I’d forgotten about it since I had other things to do. But now I’m stuck. I have 24 hours to respond to the following:

1. What accomplishments did you have during this evaluation period (relative to or in addition to the Performance Planning objectives)?
2. Are there any areas of your performance that could be improved?
3. What additional knowledge and skills would help improve your performance?
4. What are your near-term goals for the next year?
5. Please provide any long-term career goals and be sure to include training or developmental needs that may be necessary to help attain these goals.

So how am I supposed to answer this? I know that S. has problems with me. I’ve constantly had lectures for the last six months on what a horrible job I’ve been doing to the point that I can’t honestly think of one “accomplishment”. All I think of when I think back is all the times I’ve been told I’m not worth the money she’s paying me. Now I’m supposed to say positive things???

My goals for the next year include looking for another job…but I’d love to see how that would go over if I put it down.

Probably only psycocavr will get this reference – I feel like Lucy writing her performance evaluation for Carter and only thinking of bad things to say.

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