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Orlaith Carey

[Public] Thoughts on fish at feasts

For my non SCA friends, please bear with me while I make a rare public post. You can just skip the entry if you want. ;)

Often when discussing menus people see fish of any sort and decide they automatically won't like the dish. For many of us we're just not a fish eating society. There is a tendancy for fish courses, no matter how good, to come back with large amounts still on the serving platter.

I admit it, I'm as bad as anyone else - it's taken me a long time to LIKE fish, and I still don't like a lot of it. Heck I've NEVER found a version of Salmon I've liked and I prefer crabcake to whole crabs because I dislike the amount of work for little reward in crab meat.

But the next two weekends have fish on the menus and even people who normally don't care for fish should try them.

spikywheel is serving Chilean Sea Bass for her fish course at Night on the Town and
thehonorablellt is serving poached sushi grade tuna for Tournament of Chivalry.

True, in a feast situation you're not going to get a whole plate of either fish, but I assure you that in a resturant these are NOT $10 meals if even if you could get them. Try $25-$30 for the Sea Bass, if not more considering it's something like $20/lb normally (she got a great sale).

So here's my point. For the next two weeks TRY a bite of the fish. You might find you like it.
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