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Storvik Novice Tourney Menu

Note this is NOT a Tirzah feast - we have a new head cook named Duncan. I've only met him once. I got Beatrix to send me the final menu and thought you guys would like to see it.

Novice Tourney Feast Menu
12-14 July 08
Feast 13 July

Assorted Pasteys
Onion and Cheese Tarts

Olives and Cheese with Bread

1st Remove

Salat with Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette
Grilled Chicken with Gauncelye (Garlic Sauce)
Makrouns – cheese and pasta

Bread with butter/Honey Butter

2nd Remove

Pork tenderloin stuffed with Pine nutse
Ryse of Flessh
Bread with Honey butter

3rd Remove
Pears in Confyte

Event announcement on Storvik website
Storvik Novice and Un-Belt Tourney: A Festival of Birds

Many different birds were known from medieval bestiaries. The proud cock, the peaceful dove, and the beautiful peacock were well known in the medieval world. As members of this society, we are all familiar with the imagery and meaning associated with the Pelican, that selfless bird who gives to her children her own lifeblood to sustain them. Therefore, birds are the inspiration for the theme of this year’s Novice and Un-belt Tourney.

Martial Activities:
“Birds of a feather flock together” and so the tournaments will be separated by experience level.

Novice “Fledgling” Tournament: This tournament will be exclusively for warriors who have been authorized for and practicing any form of heavy combat for less than one year. Effort to provide a personal Heraldic display will be duly rewarded. If you do not have your own arms, feel free to be creative with the festival of birds theme or any kingdom or baronial arms open to your use.

Night Owl Tournament:
This torchlight tourney is scheduled for Friday evening at Compline (approximately 10 pm).

“Early Bird” Authorizations: Being only a few weeks before Pennsic War, this is a great time to get authorized. Novices looking to participate in the Tourney, and those seasoned veterans trying out a new weapon style should arrive early, as we expect there are many who will need to be authorized. (Marshall’s who are available to help out with authorizations, please contact the Autocrat).

Un-belt “Tournament of Swans”: This is the tournament for those who are no longer novices, but have not yet been knighted. In a 14th century manuscript, Humility wears a swan on his helm, and so must those warriors who have not yet attained the high award of Knighthood wear humility. Squires are welcome to take part in this tournament, and members of the Order of Chivalry are encouraged to support their squires and observe the brave fighters of our fair Atlantia.

Melees: What pre-war event would be complete without melee practice? Our site has lots of open field and wooded areas for several different scenarios which will include combat archery.

Equestrian Activities will be available. More info TBA

Rapier activities will be available. More info TBA

Archery: TBA

Arts and Sciences Activities

Novice “fledgling” A&S Competition: For artisans who have been practicing their craft for one year or less. You could be new to the Society, or new to the discipline, true novices only please. Extra points will be awarded for participating in the Festival of Birds theme.

Open A&S Competition: This theme is for the birds. Any project including birds as a theme, ingredient, or tool will be welcome.

Open Display: Please bring out any of your favorite projects new or old. Many novices would love to learn about your projects.

The Sir Gauss Magnusson Memorial New Brewer Competition: Sir Gauss was known for his love of brewing and his dedication to helping new brewer's start in the craft. This competition celebrates his life and offers rewards to those new brewers who know and execute their craft the best. Entrants must have been brewing for less than one year or have never entered a previous brewing competition with any beverage. Judging will be done based on the Kingdom Brewer competition score sheet and rubric. The emphasis will be to provide judges responses that are useful to the brewer; we want to help you improve your brew (if needed), not just point out flaws. Entrants may provide up to two entries in each of three categories; 1) Beer and Ales; 2) Wines and Meads; 3) Other (syrups, skanjabeen, vinegar, etc.). The highest scoring individual entry will be declared the winner. Entries need to be at the judging tent before Noon on Saturday. Bottles should be labeled with the brewer's name & contents. Judging will commence at 1PM and the populace is welcome to observe.

We have plenty of shady space close to the tourney fields for merchant booths. Please let us know a head of time if you will be coming, so we may plan accordingly. There will be no merchant fees, but all merchants will be expected to pay the regular site fee.

Please contact the Autocrat to reserve space.

Feast: Light snacks will be available for a day board and A limited number of evening feast seats will be available. Menu information TBA

Pre-Registration should be sent to the Autocrat. Beatrix von Leipzig MKA Crystal Wygal, 5903 Osage St. Unit 2 Berwyn Heights, MD 20740. beatrixherald@yahoo.com 301-412-9939 Before 10pm please.

From The Capital Beltway, 495 either diretion.
Take the OLD CRAIN HWY ramp.
Take the ramp toward US-301/ WALDORF.
Turn LEFT onto CROOM RD/ MD-382.
End at 16000 Croom Airport Rd Upper Marlboro, MD 20772-8395
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