Orlaith Carey (orlacarey) wrote,
Orlaith Carey

Notes on a Saturday night

1) Note to self - fondant may be edible clay but air dry clay is not toxic fondant. Since the cake we're doing is made from cake blanks we decided to go with sculpy flowers and air dry clay for the cake covering. The sculpy worked wonderfully the clay not so much. It just doesn't act like fondant does. We couldn't roll it etc. We got it to work but it was much more effort than we wanted to do and we won't know until tomorrow if it actually turns white enough or if we should plan on hitting it with spray paint - something I DON'T want to do since I want to give it to Johanna complete on Monday.

2) Did the weekly shopping. While we were at AC Moore getting stuff for the cake I decided to get a knitting stitch counter which we adapted so that it would hang from a cord around my neck. Not that I'm taking up knitting but to keep track of the cough drops. Today's count? 22

3) Had a nice dinner at home with the 'rents who are up for the weekend. Tomorrow morning we're getting together with Bro's family for breakfast before the 'rents head home.

4) Okay tired now - have been running all day. Tomorrow is another busy day. Nighters
Tags: cake, family, theater

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