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Thoughts from the melancholy

Orlaith Carey
Hello Everybody! My name's Orla, what's yours???? (now that we've established that I watch movie musicals....)

I live in the Barony of Storvik with my best friend Tirzah (LLT) and our two cats.

As you might have guessed I'm an active member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Mostly I do bobbin lace but I also can usually be found in the kitchen especially if LLT is head cook. Every once in a while LLT and I will decide to be "insane" and make a wedding cake for friends.

Notes (mostly for myself): I've been in the SCA since August 1997 and my first Pennsic was 27.

This journal is "friends only" but I'm usually willing to add new people. Please comment so I know who you are and why you've friended me. This is in part because MOST of my posts end up being on a filter and I need to know where to put you. Trust me this is a good thing because if you've friended me but are not interested in the SCA you don't want to end up reading every little thing about my life there.

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